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Waiting time for airport pickups up to:

30 minutes for domestic flights.
60 minutes for International flights.


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Clean & Sanitized

All Surfaces are Cleaned daily to ensure that they stay as sanitary and germ-free as possible. We require all drivers of our vehicles to wear a mask, so you never have any unexpected surprises from your ride home!


Your plans can be changed without any penalty! Simply contact us to cancel your reservation up until 24 hours before you would like it.


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StarRide Limo NYC has earned a reputation over the years for being the best in JFK airport transfer services. We provide quality transport service at competitive rates, and once you’ve experienced our excellent customer-service that guarantees your comfort all of way to your destination, then you will realize how great it is to book us as well! Starride also provides taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan transportation with an enjoyable ride guaranteed so be sure not miss out on this opportunity by contacting today or filling out our reservation form right away.

Get Efficient and Reliable JFK Airport Transfer Service

The Starride Limo NYC is the best solution for travelers looking to avoid airport queues and find a cab in New York. Whether you’re staying at Manhattan, Newark or Brooklyn, they have an experienced team of drivers who will take care of your every need all day long!

New York, with its iconic and world-renowned skyline that stretches from the Hudson River to Brooklyn Bridge, is one of the most vibrant cities in America. From Times Square to Central Park – there's no shortage for culture or history here! If you are coming into town on a flight and need airport transportation services Starride Limo NYC can help get your stay off to an exciting start by providing tours while giving you access to some of our best attractions like Broadway Theater Districts, Chinatown Markets & Queensboro Fountains. With so much going on at all hours it may be hard not find what interests you as well- we have both luxury cars drivers available 24/7 365 days a year plus budget car service if needed too– but whatever

JFK Airport Transfer Service At Reasonable Service

We are a professional company with all of the necessary credentials to provide you with an airport taxi service. We go out of our way to make sure that every customer feels like they're in safe hands and we'll always do everything possible for their satisfaction, so if you need anything at any time just give us a call!

We want your experience getting from JFK Airport back home or wherever else it is you may be going as easy as can possibly be, which is why there's no doubt about what type of car service will best suit your needs.

New York City is a melting pot of the world’s cultures and has many great hotels, restaurants, museums, and parks. Starride Limo NYC can take you to any one of these places in style while providing comfort on your journey from point A to B.

New York City offers some of America's finest sights for visitors and locals alike – with everything from renowned fine dining establishments such as Le Bernardin or Gramercy Tavern; multiple Pulitzer Prize winning theaters like Merril Lynch Theater at Wall Street (closing soon) or Broadway shows including The Lion King; popular attractions like Coney Island Amusement Park & New York Aquarium which are perfect family day trips! We'll be happy chauffeuring you anywhere within our service area.

Imagine the thrill of listening to your favorite tunes, sipping on a drink, and enjoying our luxurious limo service as you head off for vacation. Book now at Starride Limousine NYC!

Your New York Private Car and Limo Service

Starride Limo NYC is the premier limousine service you need to give your guests those luxurious first impressions. Our chauffeur services are not just for corporate events and business meetings, but our sedans can accommodate groups up to 8 people too! We have an online booking system that will allow us to easily schedule a pickup time from anywhere in the world or call us any day of week at 844-212-7463

New York being such a big financial and economic hub where reputation matters so much, if you want make sure as best possible impression when arriving by car before your next meeting with clients it's important you hire professional drivers who know how get around fast without causing traffic jams. Starride has been providing reliable private transportation

Why Choose Starride Limo NYC 

Hassle-Free Ride

A hasty airport pickup is a thing of the past with our JFK Airport Taxi. The stress and hassle that come from driving to or through an unfamiliar city are all taken care of by us, so you can just sit back in your comfortable car seat as we leave New York behind, headed for the opulence and calmness of home!

Easy Online Booking

When you are traveling, one of the most important things to have is a reliable ride from and back. That's why we provide our JFK airport taxi service 24/7. You can call us for pickup at any time or use your phone to book it in advance on our website!

Excellent Service

The luxurious vehicles of High-Class Limousine Company will ensure that your comfort and safety are a top priority. Our chauffeurs have decades of experience in driving luxury cars, which means they're more than qualified to take you anywhere with the utmost care. If ever something should arise while on our service, don't hesitate to ask one of our drivers!

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Never wait in the airport, or worry about how to get home from there. We keep a designated driver on standby for you and track your flight so we can make adjustments as needed. Get peace of mind with our safe transport services today!

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