Transfer Options from JFK Airport to EWR

It’s worth noting that the New York City region is home to not one but two major airports: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Travelers who need to go from JFK Airport to EWR or are trying to decide between them should know how far apart they are.

Distance b/w JFK to Newark (EWR)

It is roughly 16 miles from Newark Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The drive might take 45 minutes to 90 minutes or more, depending on traffic. You may also use public transit like the NJ Transit or the AirTrain, albeit it could take a little longer to get from JFK Airport to EWR.
















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Factors That May Affect Your Travel Time

Due to the high traffic volume in and around New York City, the time it takes to go from JFK Airport to EWR might vary considerably. Time spent traveling may increase or decrease depending on traffic conditions or the reliability of public transit. Even if certain forms of transportation, like taxis and ride-sharing apps, may get you where you need to go more quickly, they are still susceptible to delays and unforeseen events.

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by Taxi

Transferring from JFK Airport to EWR is a breeze in one of New York City’s famous yellow cabs. They provide secure transportation to and from the airport and are available at all hours. Take your cab from the designated taxi stands at JFK Airport only; scams involving unofficial drivers offering “cheap” services are widespread.

Cabs in New York City use meters. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to be quoted a fixed rate for your trip. Newark, New Jersey, is 48 minutes away, so factor in the Newark Surcharge (17.50 USD/17.50 EUR), tolls (approximately 15 USD/15 EUR; you’ll be charged for the return tolls as well), and a not-mandatory-but-still-expected-for-efficient-services tip (around 15%-20%). Under typical traffic circumstances, a cab ride from JFK Airport to EWR should cost about $130 to $140.

Taxi drivers in New York City use meters when figuring out the fare. Thus, the city’s notorious congestion may drive up the cost. Even with extra bags, there will be no additional fees.

Via Train

You may save much money by taking the train from JFK Airport to EWR instead of a taxi. Nonetheless, it isn’t the most convenient, which is something to remember, particularly after a long travel or in anticipation of one. If you take the train to EWR, you’ll have to switch lines four times.

Once you’ve landed at New York’s JFK Airport, go toward the AirTrain. The airport shuttle makes stops at each terminal every seven to fifteen minutes. Rides between terminals are free; however, getting to Jamaica Station will set you back 8 USD or 8 EUR. At Jamaica Station, the ticket vending machines accept both cash and credit/debit cards as payment options. However, you’ll also need to get a Metrocard.
To ride the subway or bus in New York City, just load money onto a reloadable Metrocard, which costs only $1 (or €1). When buying a ticket, use the machines specifically for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and not the subway. Your trip to Penn Station in New York City will begin when you purchase an LIRR ticket. Keep the ticket safe since the train attendant may want to inspect it at some point.

Upon reaching Penn Station, you may purchase a NJ Transit rail ticket from a machine or kiosk and ride it to Newark Airport Railroad Station. In addition to covering your passage on NJ Transit, your access to EWR also covers your payment on the Newark AirTrain connection. So, Newark Airport Railroad Station is where you should get off the EWR AirTrain. The AirTrain connects all three EWR terminals (A, B, and C).

by Bus

Direct services were available between JFK Airport and Manhattan through an express bus route. Getting from JFK Airport to EWR was also possible through the NYC Express. The trip may take up to three hours and thirty minutes, taking a circuitous route, first to Manhattan and then to Newark Airport. It was still quite reasonable in price. For the time being, at least, this service is unavailable. There are plans to replace it, but when that will happen is still being determined. There are currently no public shuttle services available, just private transport firms.

Car Rental from JFK to Newark Airport

Renting a vehicle in New York City is the best option for making quick and easy commutes. All the leading vehicle rental services, both international and local, are conveniently located at and around JFK Airport. So, it takes a quick online search to find the most suitable and reasonably priced JFK airport car rental option. Examine the various choices, evaluate the costs, and develop the most cost-effective replacement. It’s true that the earlier you book, the better the rate you’ll get.

When you get to EWR, go to Long-Term Economy Parking P6, conveniently situated next to Terminal 6. You may save money by keeping the rental automobile there for as long as you choose. For more than 30 days, however, you’ll need to contact ABM.

Shuttle Service Between JFK and Newark Airports

A JFK airport shuttle is the only way to go if you want luxury and comfort. When you arrive at New York Airport, go to the Ground Transportation Information Counter, located in each terminal’s baggage claim area. But you should plan and reserve a private transfer from JFK Airport to EWR. You may save money by booking ahead of time, and your driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall, ready to assist with your bags and lead you to your car of choice for the short, stress-free ride to EWR.